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The Marketing Platform

Here. We. Go! You've got a product, service, and lots of potential sitting in your social. Leave it to Michael and the team to get the word OUT and bring the money IN.

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Who is Michael? And should I let him handle my Marketing?

Besides being the Founder and Owner of 5-Figure Workweek, Michael is... you guessed it... a Regular Dude.

After being in the online space for over 15 years, he's amassed a social reach of millions every year, has been requested to speak on over 200 stages including TEDx and has appeared on over 300 podcasts.

His exclusive membership Community now has 3700 of the world's best coaches, speakers, mentors, entrepreneurs, and experts who learn, grow, and share about success.

Before now, Michael and the team focused mostly on 2 things: Strategy + Branding.

Without Strategy, you can't win. And without a powerful brand, you can't play out the Strategy.

For the last year, Michael knew that the 5-Figure Workweek brand was due for a massive upgrade in order to help his clients even more.

Introducing the Marketing Platform!

Now, when our clients have their Brand in place, we can ALSO take on the next step of Marketing the new and improved offers, bringing in more market awareness and moolah. More impact, more income.


If you landed here and still have questions, simply reach out to us. We've worked with 1000's of awesome entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, authors, and influencers to help them WIN online - and we'd be honored to help you, too!